Fill 6

22 september 2020

SYR as a place of learning

Geschreven door: Ailisha Shannon

Restaurant SYR was founded for a reason: to create space for international culinary & hospitality talent. With this article, we would love to share what we are doing daily to uphold this mission.

SYR did not start out as the fully-fledged business it is today. In the beginning, SYR was created and run by a foundation and financed by more than 500 investors. These investors turned SYR from a dream to a reality through a crowdfunding campaign in 2016. The project started out with much support, many volunteers, big intentions and high spirits, but as the years went on small cracks started to appear.

Whilst the team on the floor were fully paid employees, the foundation and subsequently the restaurant was run by volunteers. After three years it became clear to the foundation that running a restaurant with volunteers is very challenging. This challenge ultimately stood in the way for SYR to effectively do what it set out to do. Despite being a popular restaurant, SYR was losing momentum and heading towards financial trouble. The foundation decided to put SYR up for sale and a few months after, SYR was bought by a new owner and turned into a fully-fledged business with the same ideology. This is where our story starts.

After three years and many lessons learnt, one question remained: “How can we best share our expertise, create space for learning and for international talent at SYR?”. The answer to that question? Our brand new apprenticeship program. Although the first wave of COVID-19 hit us by surprise, once the dust had settled we decided to refresh our mission. We decided to take a stand for quality over quantity in everything we do. The way we work with our team is no exception to this rule (read more about our new mission here).

We decided to create space for learning, with focus. The new apprenticeship program at SYR makes space for two apprentices at one time: one in the kitchen (Apprenticeship culinary) and one at the front of house (Apprenticeship Hospitality). In this way, our close-knit and experienced team can offer our apprentices their full attention and the best learning experience SYR can offer. Focusing on quality over quantity means we can be more present and effective in fulfilling the mission we set out to do in 2016.

If you would like more information about our apprenticeship program please click this link.