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Gluten-free restaurant in Utrecht

Enjoy a gluten-free meal at our restaurant in the heart of Utrecht and experience the amazing combination of the Arab and European cuisine. At SYR we understand that it can be difficult for people with a gluten allergy to find a good restaurant. Even for vegans it can be challenging to find a restaurant that suits their needs. That’s why we decided to include various gluten-free and vegan meals in our menu.

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Gluten-free restaurant Utrecht

A unique experience in our gluten-free restaurant in Utrecht

At SYR we like to experiment with foods of different cultures to create new flavours. Our food culture is constantly evolving, and we like to be a part of that as well. Our menu includes ingredients that are fresh and most of the produce is organically sourced. We offer 3-, 4 and 5-course meals, all with an accompanying wine arrangement. Do you have a gluten allergy, but do you still want to eat in a restaurant? You can choose from various gluten-free meals in our restaurant in Utrecht that supports the slow food movement. All of them are prepared with passion and pure ingredients.

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Gluten-free restaurant Utrecht

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Reserve a table at our organic restaurant in Utrecht and enjoy one of the gluten-free meals we offer. You can easily place a reservation online or call us at 030-2331104. Do you have any questions, or do you have an allergy that you want us to know about? Please let us know in advance. We can always adjust our menu to your wishes.