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Welcome to SYR

SYR is an intimate organic restaurant in the heart of Utrecht. At SYR, you can indulge in a Chef’s menu, crafted with love for freshness, local produce, and seasonal ingredients, including foraged elements. We believe that culinary craftsmanship and attention to detail create the best food experience.

We bring together different cultures in our organic restaurant in Utrecht

Our intimate and organic restaurant in Utrecht brings together different cultures and foods to create new flavours and recipes. At our vegan restaurant in Utrecht, want to create a unique journey for our customers and let them enjoy organic and vegan foods in the best possible way. To reach this goal, it is most important to embrace creativity, culinary exchange and fresh influences.

SYR apprenticeship

SYR has been an organic restaurant and place of learning in Utrecht since 2016. From 2020, we will work with two types of apprenticeships: apprenticeship hospitality and apprenticeship culinary. These apprenticeships are intended for promising international talent with a love for food culture and hospitality that aim on developing their talents further at SYR.

Experience our culinary journey yourself

Do you want to experience the amazing combination of European and Arab cuisine yourself? Reserve a table online or drop by our organic and culinary restaurant in Utrecht. Whether you want to experience our chef’s menu with your wife, husband, friends or family, at SYR you are always welcome to enjoy our organic foods in the centre of Utrecht.