Due to the many positive responses on the Crowdfunding rewards, we decided to sell the items in the restaurant as well. The beautiful illustrations of the things we are are shown on the items. In collaboration with Katoenfabriek, we printed the tote-bags and t-shirts on sustainable and organic cotton.

The merchandise is for sale in the restaurant.


3 Postcards

On the postcards are typical elements of the Syrian culture depicted, like the teapot that fits the typical scene of Damascus. Or the oed, the much used snare instrument.

Design and illustrations by the things we are.
Price: 3 euros


Parsley is much used in the Syrian cuisine and is the showpiece on our sustainable, organic, cotton tote-bag, printed by Katoenfabriek.

Design and illustration by the things we are.
Price: 13 euros


Surprise a friend with this voucher for a 3-course dinner for two in our restaurant. Our monthly changing menu includes a tasting of small bites, which makes them perfect for sharing. Click here for our current menu.

Design by Sjors Bazelier and Elene Hulleman.
Price: 50 euros