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Restaurant FAQ

When will restaurant Syr be open?
Restaurant Syr opened it’s doors on June 25th 2016 on the Lange Nieuwstraat 71, in Utrecht. Syr serves dinner from Monday to Sunday from 17.00 till 22.00. Make sure we’re open by checking our Facebook page for days we might be closed on, because of possible special events. Or just give us a call via 030-2331104.

How can I make a reservation?
A reservation can be made by going to the reservation page.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan dishes on the menu?
There are no vegan or gluten-free dishes on our monthly changing menu. However, please call us 24 hours ahead of your visit, so we will try to take your wishes into account. Call us at 030-2331104.

Is the meat that you serve marked with an Halal  quality mark? 
Please call us 24 hours in advance with your request, and we will try to take your wishes into account. Please call us at 030-2331104. Like the rest of the ingredients we use, we aim to serve local and organic meat as much as possible.

Can I rent the restaurant voor an event or a large group of people?
That’s possible! For more information and prices call 030-2331104 or send an e-mail to

Project FAQ

How did Syr Restaurant start?
Syr is an initiative of the Gys Foundation, a platform for sustainable and social entrepreneurship. The restaurant was founded to help refugees get more involved in Utrecht and the Netherlands. We set up a citizen initiative that is based on own initiative, creativity and joint entrepreneurship, independent of government subsidies.

Who set up Syr Restaurant?
The concept is developed by a group of entrepreneurs and young professionals, brought together by the Gys Foundation. We all have our own specialty, like business administration, development sociology, communication, hospitality, humanistic studies, graphic design, philosophy, religious studies and cultural anthropology. We are joining forces to make a positive contribution to a social issue.

What is the mission of Syr Restaurant?
By setting up a lovely Syrian restaurant that offers jobs to refugees, the foundation hopes to contribute to a positive visibility of this group. We thus offer inhabitants of Utrecht and surroundings the opportunity to experience the Syrian culture and be introduced to its hospitality. In order to do this Syr offers paid jobs and career development programmes to refugees holding a permit. This way they can acquire (new) work-related skills and get familiar with the Dutch language and work ethics. Furthermore, as a foundation Syr wants to encourage motivated and talented refugees to realise their ambitions in the field of education and entrepreneurship.

Where does the profit go to?
Syr is a social enterprise aiming to increase refugee participation in the Netherlands by offering them education and career opportunities. That will also occur outside of the restaurant. Syr’s profit will partly go to organizations that support refugees to continue their studies or start a business. The rest of the earnings will benefit intercultural dialogue and exchange and strengthening of the Syr project.

Why are you doing this?
Many refugees probably won’t be able to return to their homeland soon. Despite all their perseverance, talents and qualities they often experience difficulties in finding work, for instance because they haven’t completely mastered the language yet or because of a lack of a professional and social network. With restaurant Syr we would like to take away some of those obstacles. Furthermore, refugees often have to take additional courses to get their degrees acknowledged in the Netherlands. They frequently experience practical limitations, but also in terms of language and study ethos. By investing in jobs and proper support refugees will get the opportunity to develop themselves and use their talents. This way they can contribute to Dutch society.

What career development opportunities does Syr offer its employees?
Helping refugees advance on the job market is an important objective of Syr. For different bureaucratic reasons we don’t offer an official workplace education programme yet. We do help them with their skills, network and CV so that they can advance their careers outside of the restaurant. For instance, we would like to offer courses with which they can get official hospitality management certificates.

Is a refugee allowed to work or study?
Refugees with a residence permit (also called status holders) are allowed to work and study just like every Dutch person. They also have a right to student grants.
Click here for more information (Dutch).

Are refugees able to apply for a function in Syr?
Although the restaurant team is complete, CV’s and motivation are always welcome. Send an email to

Do you make any money out of this?
No. The restaurant’s profit goes back into the project and towards the entrepreneur project of the Foundation of Refugee Students UAF. All staff members working in the restaurant will of course be paid fairly and honestly. The team behind Syr are all volunteers. They may receive reimbursement of expenses such as travel costs.
More detailed information about the expenses made by the management and the team of volunteers will be available in the annual report and the financial statements, which will be made public on the website of the foundation.

What language is spoken in Syr Restaurant?
At the restaurant we try to speak Dutch as much as possible. This is a practical way for our employees to become (even) more familiar with the language.

How does Syr distinguish itself as a social and sustainable enterprise?
Syr is a social enterprise aiming to increase refugee participation in the Netherlands by offering them education and career opportunities. Restaurant Syr aims to become a place where old and new inhabitants of Utrecht meet and get to know each other. Syr is also a sustainable enterprise. At the restaurant you will taste delicious Syrian dishes, prepared with as many local, sustainable or organic products as possible.

What can I do for Syr?
It’s fantastic that you are willing to help. Setting up a restaurant is a considerable investment, so a financial contribution is always welcome. Have a look at our donation page.

Are you thinking of a great campaign to raise money? Please send us an email.

Do you have a great idea for an event that contributes to the intercultural dialogue? Please contact Minem.

Would you like to join the team of Syr and share your skills, or are you thinking about involving your company in our initiative? Please send an email to