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About Syr

Welcome to Syr

Over the past few years many newcomers have arrived in the Netherlands, including from Syria. People with talents, dreams and ambitions. At restaurant Syr they can use these talents and further develop their skills, making them feel at home in Utrecht and take part in Dutch society. Refugees with a residence permit work together with Dutch hospitality colleagues at the restaurant. While visitors are enjoying delicious Syrian dishes with a European twist, a bond is formed between different cultures.

A crowdfunded citizen initiative

With over 500 investors, the crowdfunding of Syr has been successful! The restaurant opened its doors on the 25th of June 2016 at the Lange Nieuwstraat 71, in Utrecht.

On February 25th 2016, the team started a crowdfunding campaign. Never before so many people invested on the crowdfunding platform CrowdAboutNow in such a short period of time. Within three weeks the goal was reached and shortly after that, the restaurant could be realized. Since now, we are still having many guests enjoying the Syrian hospitality and the Syrian food every night.

We are paying back the amount of each investment in three years, with a three percent interest rate per year.

Work and education

Syr is a social enterprise aiming to increase refugee participation in the Netherlands by offering them education and career opportunities. That will also occur outside of the restaurant. The profit Syr made in it’s first year is donated to the Foundation of Refugee Students UAF. After all the investors are paid back, new opportunities will arise for Syr.

See more at Syr

Restaurant Syr is a place where local and new inhabitants of Utrecht meet and get to know each other. There is an exhibition space and a cultural programme, including presentations, workshops and debates.

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