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Food that tastes good
and does good.

Welcome to Syr

Thanks to over 500 investors and more than 70 volunteers, restaurant Syr has opened it’s doors on June 25th 2016 at Lange Nieuwstraat 71, in Utrecht.

You are most welcome to enjoy Syrian dishes like Muhammara, Mujadara, Falafel and Kebbeh, prepared with a European twist.
In addition to that, Syr Connect organizes different events in and outside the restaurant. Do you want to work with us, as a volunteer or as organization? Let us know.

Syr Connect

Syr Connect is the art, culture and educational programme of restaurant Syr. The programme seeks to stimulate cross-cultural dialogue and exchange within the local community. Together with artists, scholars, and NGO practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds, Syr Connect aims to build bridges and contribute to solidarity between old and new inhabitants of Utrecht.